Use of Tags

The organisation of contents in this wiki will be managed by the use of tags at the foot of every page.
Tags will have the function of identifying similar groups of pages to facilitate searching and accessing every existing page related to a particular topic in this wiki.

-This method of organisation is adopted because it bests suits the nature of the work and growth of the information presented here.
-Each page will carry as many tags as appropriate. The purpose of the tag will be to label a page for quick retrieval; it is not an attempt to make an exhaustive classification of every page.
-No capital letters will be used for tags. Hyphens will join two words that make up a sense unit.
-No copyright sensitive material will be listed here.

List of Tags

The tags used in this site are grouped around these concepts:
(Tags in italics and not hyperlinked are mentioned as examples only).
  • People: authors author-name literary-critics
  • Origin: british irish american
  • Periods: medieval studies
  • Movements: post-colonialism
  • Genre: dramma poetry fiction
  • Works: hamlet
  • Places: universities libraries college course-pages
  • Events: conferences
  • Publications: newspapers magazines journals blogs
  • Reference: dictionaries glossaries citation-methods academic-writing
  • Ad hoc: fonts
  • Site Editor: cceraso

List of Pages

English Literature Teachers at College, Universities or K-12.